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1.Applicable scope & Type description

1 、Applicable scope

GR3800-4L4L Potential type Motor starting relay single-phase motor (compressor) the starting relay mainly uses in exchanging 50/60HZ, the voltage to the 277V control circuit and the nominal current to the 16A power circuit, through starts the electric capacity, the starting single-phase motor (compressor). Is suitable in the air conditioning, the refrigerator and so on industry machine electric appliance equipment and so on domestic electric appliances and water pump.


2 、Type and meaning
G R 3800 4  L 4 L
Hongli Electric Relay Type Y” :Individual Box Pack
” :Factory Bulk Pack 

Coil Number

AG: Expressedt 60HZ
not have symbolized: Expresses 50HZ
Operating characteristics Operating Position Terminal configuration
2.Product explanation and major technique parameter
★ Fixed isolation voltage  Ui : 600V
★ Fixed working voltage Ue : AC 277V
★ Fixed operating current: Ie=16A , Ith=35A
★ Normal connection and breaking current: 35A 、Breaking current ability: 96A
★ Mechanical life> 1,000,000 times
★ Electricity life> 100,000 times
★ Coil working voltage scope: 70% ~110%Us
★ Product coil working voltage Us=AC 170 ~ 502V
★ The relay winding (cold clean criticality) can attract reliably in AC 170 ~ 502V gathers, the released voltage is not lower than AC 40V.
3.Conforms To The Standard
Conforms To National Standard And International Standard
1 、Conforms To IEC 60730;GB14048.5,UL508 Standard 。
2 、Approved By  ISO9001 System Certification(SGS)、 CCC,TUV,CE,UL and Safe Certification
CCC Certification Number:


TUV Certification Number  :

B 05 06 56608 001

UL Files Number:


CE Certification Number :

N8N 05 06 56608 002


4.Technology Data
Part No. Continuous Coil
Voltage (V)
Pick-up (V)
Drop-out (V)
Min. Max.
HLR3800-7AD3D 168 140
HLR3800-5AN3D 395 262 290 140
HLR3800-2AF3D 332 171 184 90
HLR3800-5AI3D 395 204 233 130
HLR3800-4AP3D 420 300 328 121
HLR3800-6AQ3D 502 314 342 135
HLR3800-3AG3D 375 180 195 105
HLR3800 Series Potential Relay                   DownLoad PDF DataSheet
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