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1、Applicable and Description

1. Applicable Scope

HLR-72CBTAA(DPDT/30A/120VAC)Mini Power Relay , nominal current 30A attaches the post (T) primarily. Is suitable in the compressor, the heater control, the motor, the power source control, the duplicator, the facsimile machine, the flare control, the microwave oven, electric appliances and equipment’s and so on packaging machine and food processing machinery single-phase load circuit’s control. This product has the volume to be small, the weight is light, the coil power loss is low, the contact load is big, anti-impact ability, characteristics and so on redundant reliability.

 2.Type and Meaning
Relay Packing
-:Factory Bulk Pack

 Pole Form


Coil Voltage:12VDCTerminal   shape
AA:Bracket mounting with.250″QC
2、 Product Explanation And Main Technical Parameter
★ Rating of insulation voltage Ui : 600V
★ Rating of contacts voltage Ue : AC 277V
★ Rating of current: Ie=16A ( AC-8b ), Ith=30A
★ Mechanical life> 1,000,000 Cycles
★ Electricity life> 100,000 Cycles
★ Coil working voltage scope: 70% ~110%Us
★ Product coil working voltage  Us=12,24,36,48,110/120,220/240VAC
3、Conforms To The Standard

Conforms To National Standard And International Standard


1 、 Conforms To UL508, IEC60947, GB14048 Standard。
2 、Approved By UL,ROHS and ISO9001 System Certification(SGS)。
UL Files Number:   E251539
4、Ordering Request

In order to guarantee you use need, when you order please in detail explain

Relay specification model, pole number, coil control voltage, fixed operating current, wiring way and packing way and so on.

If you request as follows: Nominal current: 30A, working voltage: 240/277V, pole form: DPDT, coil control voltage: 12VDC, wiring way: A group 1/4 ” fast attachment, load: The single-phase perception or the linear load, install the way: The foundation kneading board installment (AA),  packing: 120/each box (factory packing). Then you may the shaping beHLR-72CBTAA

Lifts The Samples As Follows (Contains Derivation Type From This Model)

Rating of Current
pole form

Rating of Coil Control Voltage

Control Motor Power

5、Instruction booklet downioading
HLR7200 SERIES RELAYS                   DownLoad PDF DataSheet
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